Sweep Picking

Sweep Picking is a completely different type of picking style than alternate picking although using different styles together in a solo or composition is great you need to be very aware of which style you are using at any given moment. ¬†Sweep Picking basically means that you pick with a sweeping motion down or up over 2 or more strings. Although you could use the sweeping techinque in different situations it is most often used to sweep Arpeggios or Broken Chords which is a chord that is played one note at a time articulating each note. This means you can’t just barre the neck and sweep up and down that equals strumming the guitar so you need to finger each note separately. Try to keep an even note spacing when practicing sweeping. A great way to learn this technique is to learn the most commonly used arpeggio patterns found in countless solos and compositions both jazz, metal and everything inbetween. Don’t let the overdriven electric fool you these arpeggios are just as useful for blues, jazz and rock guitarists alike.

The video covers 2 variations of a G-major arpeggio and 2 variations of a A-minor arpeggio. Remember you can move the pattern up and down the neck horizontally to other keys. If you would for example do the third example in the video from the 7th fret instead of the 12th from the E note you have the E-minor arpeggio.