Basic Strumming

Basic Strumming Pattern that works over 4/4 or 2/4 time

The video below covers the idea of strumming the guitar or specifically using strumming patterns which is basically playing the guitar strings with some intrinsic rhythm or groove over some time signature. Strumming is a very important part of playing the guitar since the groove that you achieve is directly related to how accurate you can do the strumming pattern in terms of rhythm and tempo. We start with this strumming pattern:[ DownDownupupDownup ] which in this case fits neatly over either 2/4 time or 4/4 time. The video starts by Introducing the concept of strumming patterns in relation to rhythm and tempo. After some examples you can practice the pattern by using the play-along. Some might find the play-along a tad to fast and they may be right but that’s no problem you can practice the pattern on your own until you feel comfortable trying to play with the play-along. From there you can really solidify the rhythm of the pattern by doing it with me.


Basic Strumming pattern for 3/4 time (Waltz time)

We can’t use the strumming pattern above for the 3/4 time signature or Waltz time so here’s a go-to strumming pattern that works over 3 beats that looks like this :[ DownDownupDownup ].  I stress that these are by no means the only strumming patterns you can use these are just my Go-To patterns when I’m teaching guitar. They are not even my favorite but I think they suit fine for strumming beginners.