Minor Scale

I didn’t plan to have a special page for the Minor Scale since I prefer to see the Minor Scale as the 6th Mode of Major. ¬†This means that If you want to find what Minor Scale is found within the Major you count to the 6th position in Major.

You can of course learn Minor Scales independent from the Major Scale but for the sake of compressing information or essentally making the music theory easier to remember it’s wise to think about the Major – Minor connection.

Here is the E -Minor Scale shown as the 6th position of G Major.E Minor or E Aeolian Mode: http://youtu.be/0sdCJIW5RBc?t=1m43s

Here is the Am Scale shown as the 6th position of C Major.
A Minor or A Aeolian Mode: http://youtu.be/xjBtE-Rl9Bs?t=1m43s

The 6th position in A major is F# (F sharp) Р A major = F# minor: video coming soon.