Melodic Minor – Jazz Minor

Melodic Minor is a Scale-System like The Major/minor Scale system it has its own set of Chord Progression & Modes.

First lets take a loook at the basic pattern of the Melodic Minor or (jazz minor) scale in the key of A.  It is displayed in 4 different positions. The Root note on different strings. Remember the pattern stays the same unless it goes over the B-string then you have to move that part of the pattern up one fret to fix for the tuning relevant tuning of the B-string.

Now if you want to learn the melodic minor covering the whole neck we use our typical method of dividing the Scale into three notes per string scale positions ranging from 1 – 7. You could as well think of this as all of the Modes of A melodic Minor.

To understand how Melodic Minor (jazz minor) works in conjunction with the Major/minor system it’s best learn the Chord Progression of melodic minor.  Remember you need to practice ‘chord progressions’ like we practice the scale.

Jazz minor - Melodic minor