Harmonic Minor in E (Latin/Arabic scale)

The Harmonic Minor Scale is a self contained system just like the Major Scale. Except it is Minor Based. The Harmonic Minor has seven single notes. Seven Modes. Seven Chords etc.  So like with the Major Scale it’s a harmony system.  Now the use value is quite different.  The Harmonic Scale is a supplement the the Major/minor diatonic system. We usually use the harmonic scale ,to create a analog, as seasoning or extra something added to the main system. The most typical way of using the harmonic scale is harmonizing the third as I like to call it although people probably have different names for this substitute.

Now the first thing first. Start by learning the basic pattern of the Harmonic Scale to understand how the intervals work.  You can move on to learning the scale in positions covering the neck if you want added use value for improvisation and such. And finally learn the complete harmony system by learning the chord progression.

In the first video I show the generic Harmonic Minor (three notes per string) pattern. Remember you can move the pattern up and down the neck. If you would want to do the basic form of Harmonic Minor in F you move all the patterns in the video up one fret.

Next video is the same scale, E Harmonic Minor, except now covering the whole fret board in 7 positions using the same pattern of course Three Notes Per String.

And here is the Chord Progression. I will eventually do progression video for Harmonic.

Harmonic Minor Scale Chord Progression


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Harmonic Minor in E

E Harmonic Minor all positions